Passenger Traffic up 10.73% from June 2016, Reports AoT

27th Jul 2017

According to the latest report from Airports of Thailand, the six airports under its supervision (Suvarnabhumi, Don Muang, Phuket, Hat Yai, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai) carried a total of 9,826,105 passengers in June this year. That was 8,874,089 in the same month last year, for an increase of 10.73 year-on-year (y-o-y).

4,829,561 were embarking passengers (up 10.54% from 4,368,875 in June 2016), 4,917,045 were disembarking (up 11.05% from 4,427,833 in June 2016) and 79,499 passengers were transiting (up 2.74% in June 2016).

Individually, AoT airports performed like this:

Suvarnabhumi handled 30.29 million passengers in the last six month. For June alone, it registered an increase in international passenger traffic of 9.28% from 3,346,785 to 3,657,211, which included 1,762,401 embarking (8.82% up from 1,619,486 last year), 1,824,627 disembarking (+9.81%% up from June 2016’s, 1,661,587) and 70,183 transiting (6.80% above 65,712 in June last year). Domestic passenger traffic went up from 648,951 to 800,937 or 23.43%.

Thailand’s second largest airport Don Muang reported 18.87 million passengers for the first six months of the year. In June, the airport registered 1,145,733 international passengers, or 21.47% more than 943,191 last year. This included 565,142 embarking (up 21.93% compared to 463,512 in the same period last year), 577,732 disembarking (22.40% more than 472,008 in June 2016) and 2,859 transiting (a decrease of 62.73% from last year when the number was 7,671). Domestic passenger traffic increased slightly by 1.79% from 1,773,155 to 1,804,874.

Phuket handled 8.44 million passengers between January and June this year. In June, passenger traffic at this airport increased by 17.97% from 530,251 from 626,156. 307,098 were embarking (17.27% more than 261,882 last year in that period), 316,729 were disembarking (17.90% up from 268,635 in June 2016) and 2,329 for a whopping 795.77% increase from last year’s 260. Domestic passenger traffic went up from 482,422 to 546,951 or 13.38%.

When it comes to the other three AoT-operated Thai airports, Hat Yai reported a decrease of 9.95% in international passenger traffic from 23,741 to 21,378, but an increase of 13.20% in domestic traffic (285,245 to 322,885). Chiang Mai Airport reported an improvement of 11.83% for international traffic (167,255 to 167,638) and also an increase in domestic passenger traffic from 535,251 to 565,107 or 5.58%. Chiang Rai international passenger traffic went up from 2,062 to 6,538 or 217.07% while domestic traffic improved 18.81% from 136,254 to 160,697.

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