Usful Phrases at the Airport

A selection of Thai phrases you may useful while at the airport:

When will the plane leave? - Krung bin ja awk meua-rai?

Excuse me, I'm looking for... - Kaw tod (krap/kaw), (phom/di-chan) haa...

How many departures are there today? - Wan ni mee kii thiaw?

Where can I buy a ticket? - Seu tua tii nai?

I'd like a ticket. - Yaak dai tua.

We want to go to... - Yaak bai...

How much per seat? - Thii-la thao-rai?

I'd like to book a seat to Phuket. - Yaak jawng thuii nang bai Phuket.

It's full. - Tem laow / Mot laow.

I'd like to change my ticket. - Yaak plian tua.

I'd like a refund on my ticket. - Yaak kheun tua.

Sorry, I've changed my mind. - Khaw tod plian jai laow.

I'd like a one way ticket - Ow tua thiaw diaw.

... return ticket - …tua pai krap/kah.

Two tickets - Tua song bai.

1st class - Chan nung.

2nd class - Chan song.

3rd class - Chan sam.

When will the aeroplane leave? - Klung bin ja awk meua - rai?

Aeroplane - Klung bin.

Aeroplane tickets - Tua krung bing.

Airline - Kaan bin.

Airport - Sanaam bin.

Departures Thiaw.

There are no seats - Mai mii thi nang.

Full - tem Laow.

You can't have a seat - Jawng thii nang mai dai.

The tickets are sold out - tua khaai mot laow.

Seats will be available tomorrow - ja mii thii nang phrung nii.

I (male) – Pom.

I (female) – Di Chan.

Left – Sai.

Right – Kwaa.

Straight ahead - Trong pai.

Turn back – Klap.

How far? - Klai thoa rai?

How many kilometers from here? - kii lo met jaak thii ni?


Suvarnabhumi: Soo-varn-a poom.

Near - klai (level tone).

Far - klai (falling tone).>

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